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the next four years. >>> egypt's ousted president mohammed morsi arrives to a crowd of supporters as he heads into the trial for incite. of violence and murder. if convicted he could face the death penalty. from across the bay to around the world the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >>> hi everyone and good morning. it's monday, november 4th. i am frank mallicoat. >> i am michelle griego. time new is 6:00. spiking crime on a bay area campus. thieves at uc berkeley are targeting students walking alone in the hunt for iphones and laptops. campus police are stepping up efforts to keep students safe. plus. >> he doesn't knock. he just opens the door and says i need to leave. can you take me now? >>> new details about the man accused of last week's deadly shooting at lax as we hear from an acquaintance of paul ciancia for the first time. >> and the woman accused of killing a couple in menlo park is supposed to be in court this morning. the court date keeps being pushed back due to medical issues. her blood alcohol level was apparently twice the legal limit in the octobe
. >>> this is newly released undated video of mohammed morsi in prison where he returned after his trial was adjourned until january. morsy supporters gathered outside a cairo courthouse today. he is you accused of inciting violence and murder. if convicted he and 14 other defendants could face the death penalty. >>> new this morning the san francisco giants may have to share their ballpark with the oakland a's next season. mark kelly over at at&t park this morning here in san francisco where the athletics could be playing next year. mark, i guess it's an idea being pushed by you mlb? >> reporter: it is, frank. according to the "san francisco chronicle," the mlb is really turning up the heat on these negotiations. so what could happen? if the coliseum and the oakland a's don't come to a deal on a short-term lease the a's could leave oakland entirely and take up a temporary home right here at at&t park. sources close to the negotiations told the "san francisco chronicle" major league baseball is making its demands known to coliseum officials. they want a shorter two year lease extension for the a's, no
details have emerged about the master mind of the atablg. >>> in egypt, a defiant mohamed morsi now reportedly on his way to prison in alexandria. the trial of the ousted egyptian president was adjourned just hours after it started in cairo this morning. while in court, morsi called himself the country's, quote, legitimate leader. and get this, he refused to wear a prison uniform or recognize the courts. morsi and 14 co-defendants are facing charges of inciting the killing of protesters who were against his rule. the judge postponed the hearing until january. >>> now, a preview of an exclusive investigative unit report. too many flights and not enough pilots. that's what critics say is creating a safety problem in a lot of international flights. they point to a growing demand for international commercial pilots. coming up tonight, our investigative unit going behind the scenes inside the cockpit and inside flight schools all over the country and the west coast. each of these school specializing training international pilots. we also talk to flight instructors who say the current tra
the best work of their life." >>> 7:16. new in egypt this morning, former egyptian prod, mohamed morsi appeared in fourth for theist -- president, mohamed morsi appeared in court for the first time since he was removed from power. he says he's the legitimate leader and the court has no jurisdiction to put him on trial. the trial was adjourned until january. he's in a secret location while awaiting his trial. he could get the death penalty if convicted. >>> a man from mish twin claims he -- michigan claims he tipped off the fbi where to find osama bin laden. now he wants to be paid the $25 million reward. tom lee, he's an international jewelry marketer, says he told the fbi bin laden was hiding in pakistan in 2003. the fbi says bin laden's location was found using electronic intelligence and that it is likely bin laden didn't build his compound in pakistan until 2005. >>> 7:17. new information about the man accused in the deadly shooting at l.a.x. bob decastro is at the airport with more on what the suspect told police after the shooting and how it helped the investigation. bob? actuall
to egyptian president mohammed morsi and 14 senior members of his muslim brotherhood ended almost as soon as it began. morsi says that he is still the legitimate president of egypt. the judge adjourned the trial because the defendants chance disrupted the proceedings. the defendants are charged with murder and incitement of violence. they all face the death penalty if they're convicted. the trial has been now adjourned until january 8th. >> the white house and head of the intelligence committee in congress are rejecting nsa leaker edward snowden's plea for clemency. that would give him a lesser punishment if he returns to the united states. officials said that no offers are being discusse in that s nowden should return to the united states and face charges. >> the head of the senate intelligence committee is defending the nsa. that agency is facing global criticism a claim satisfied on foreign allies. democratic senator dianne feinstein says that the nsa operates under direction of other departments. >> i believe the nsa is filled with good patriotic people who want to do the right thing.
as egyptian president mohamed morsi was getting under way as he with was makeing the first appearance since his ouster and said that he was the legitimate leader and the courts had no basis to try him. he and his administration is charged with clashes that left ten people dead last december. >>> a outbreak of polio is breaking out in war-torn syria. there are concerns that it will be spread to lebanon. our dr. nancy snyderman will tell us about the rapid intervention to this potential international crisis. >> hi, natalie, i'm here, and the reason for the concern is that syria has been polio-free since 1982, and neighboring countries as well have not seen it in more than a decade. so when the outbreak was found, the world health organization considered it the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: almost three years into the syrian war, the medical system is now in shambles. before the conflict began, 90% of syria's children had been immunized against polio, but now the rate is around 60%, and with that, the resurgence of the deadly disease. health officials in the region are taking the threat ser
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6